WIND SOCK    Fall 2014 | Construction 5 | Professor Judy Birdsong | With Cameron Benson   Wind Sock is a proposed installation in Sutton Hall at The University of Texas School of Architecture. The project aims to make students aware of the buildings unused (nailed shut) natural ventilation system by running a fabric structure through the building. The fabric gives air substance, alerting passerby of the presence of the buildings old systems and allows students to manipulate the form as though it were a column of air.  The installation connects to the existing window frames using a series of shims to generate tension. It touches the frames lightly, preventing damage of the buildings historic fabric.
perceiving campus Map.png
  SAN PEDRO Y SAN PAPLO TEPOSCOLULA   Spring 2014 | Research | For Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla   Worked closely with Professor Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla to complete his research on the open air chapel of San Pedro y San Pablo Teposcolula in Oaxaca, Mexico. I contributed parametric analysis of the constructive and geometric features of the 16th century chapel using point-cloud data to determine the original design geometry developed by the architects 400 years ago.